fuck that, get down

sex drive might be finallyb back? but like idk what the fuck i wanna do about it. 


if only it was socially acceptable to bring a 6pack to the library :((((

hard cider + a literal stack of cheese for dinner

i am adult

'i think our first years were fairly similar'

'yeah i definitely do NOT want to be you though'

wtffff you are going to be on cmapus??? this whole year??? fuck this shit. 

just love hour long conversations listening to you talk about your sex life!!!!

'i dont even want to ask about you and all the men and women in your life'

'uh yeah uh um im actually just chillin um uhh'


potentially about to cry in public bc of how fucking bad my tendon hurts rn? 

this whole thing is such a clusterfuck

and it’s all my own damn fault


Running on The Default Network
by Boyce